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Some random musings…

March 19, 2011

Just some random things I jotted down in moments of pensive boredom…

  • On doctors:

Doctors are like the stage-hands of life: They sweat and slave but all the drip, drip, dripping of saline and morphine and the hiss of the syringe and the soundless slice of a scalpel are only background noises for the singing and crying and loving and laughing of the real performance. Drama, hustle, bustle, desperation and triumph all live within the hospital walls, but in truth the world begins when the electronic doors slide open and you emerge, blinking into the bright sun spotlights and the main act begins. And all the hours and seconds of their lives ticking and rushing quickly past, and the millions of pounds and the constant thrashing of thousands of minds all exist for one single reason: the show must go on.

  • On the Beat Generation (this was partly in response to an article in the guardian – I’ll  find this and post it another time):

There is no beat revival-that’s an old man’s game and it has nothing to do with reviving, its just the reminiscing  of persons who are long past their best. Why do I like the beats today? I’ll tell you  why; its because before the beats out grew themselves and turned soft and hippie and shit, before every ass hole and his mum wanted to sit in a field and hold hands, before that point  the beats were primarily about anger. Everything they did and lived for was just to say a big FUCK YOU to the man and the system, and basically anyone who said they couldn’t do something.

  • On ME!:

I am vehemently committed to all things subversive, not to anarchism, which implies only destruction, but to the creative re-imagination and re-construction of every aspect of our human existence; to peering cautiously around the edges of what we know and who we are, glimpsing for a moment the future and the past and, in the simplest terms, the limitations of everything we do.





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