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Rape in the Congo: Ross Kemp Reports

March 3, 2011

Really great to see Ross Kemp drawing mainstream attention to the truly horrendous situation in the East Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of Congo at the moment. I visited Goma last year and whilst the causes of the situation are undoubtedly complicated, understanding the awful plight of the thousands of women who are raped in the Congo every year is not. In a continent that is so used to tragedy and inhumanity, the barbaric practice of gang rape and mutilation as a weapon by armed soldiers and militia in the DRC still shocks. Kemp’s documentary was actually better than I expected, if a little brief and simplistic (and occasionally inaccurate), and managed to convey the horror of the situation and the helplessness of people caught up in it. A particular high-light for me were the interviews with Gynaecologist Dr Denis Mukwege, who should have won the Nobel Peace Prize in the year that it was awarded to Barack Obama. I was also very pleased to see that they included, albeit in very diplomatic language, the role of multi-national corporations in preventing stabilisation of the area. The trailer for the series is below and you can watch the full episode here.

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