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Pro NHS Reform

March 2, 2011

Since I blogged about those people who opposed the proposed NHS reforms I thought it was probably only fair that I also included those who are in for the changes. Fortunately there aren’t many of them so here goes…

1. Private Health Care Providers

Having seen more and more business outsourced to them by the NHS in recent years, private companies must be overjoyed to see that the re-structuring of the NHS will open the whole structure of the NHS to them for the first time. Since they have no responsibility to , I’m sure they can’t wait to undercut and decimate public-owned hospitals, destroying their competition, and offer insist on huge numbers of investigations (since they will make a profit on each one) for all their customers. Interestingly, presumably the short fall in budget of any over-expense incurred, due to increasing or unexpected private costs, will have to be covered with money from the same pot as the desperately needed funding for NHS hospitals.

2. Private Health Care Providers Who Supported The Conservative Party Election Campaign

Re-read point 1, but these people are particularly happy because this is a gamble that has paid off, and their businesses will probably receive some sort of preferential treatment as a result of taking that gamble.

3. Conservative Party Politicians

Surprise! Actually this isn’t really fair; many members (only back-benchers at the moment I think) have heavily criticised and vowed to vote against the changes.





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