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Libya protests/revolution

February 24, 2011

Can’t really believe it has taken this long for me to mention this so I thought I’d better just put something up about it. In a way I’m actually kind of speechless about this astounding phenomenon of the sudden rush of protest and revolution erupting throughout the Middle East. Of all of these events the one that has shocked me the most by far has been the situation in Libya. I thought Libya was a relatively stable country, and that Colonel Gaddafi had far too strong a grip on the military and was much too well supported by foreign oil companies. It seems I was wrong.

I’ve been glued to the coverage of the on going situation in Libya. I’ve been struck by the passion of the protestors, who have been far more resilient in their demonstrations than I initially though they would. I’ve watched the increasingly bizarre and obviously delusional behaviour of Gaddafi with horror, wondering if, somehow, the world press has collaborated to produce this hoax of a James-Bond-villain-esque character.

Unsurprisingly my sympathy tends to lie with the protesters for a number of reasons, but only time will tell the degree of freedom and democracy they are really fighting, and dying for.

Also spare a moments thought for all the British citizens trapped in Libya and unable to escape to safety due to the appalling organisation of the evacuation.

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