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February 13, 2011

I would like to clarify some stuff about my recent post re: the Big Issue guy. It occurred to me on re-reading the post that people might think I was trying to push some kind of quasi-religious/deist agenda: I wasn’t. I don’t want to rule out discussing that sort of thing later but for now I just wanted to describe a moment when I experienced brief sense of the lucid beauty of human collusion in a chaotic world.

To put it another way: I was just describing what I thought was a really happy co-incidence of people helping each other out. These events don’t normally involve me directly, but I’ve started realising recently that if you look for them these things happen all around you all the time. Most of the time they are simple, small acts, like sharing an umbrella or giving away your last Rolo, the sort of action that takes only a seconds thought but makes the other person’s day. I was talking to a friend about these kind of events a while ago and we came up with the term “Random Acts of Kindness”. So, in honour of my new term I have decided to officially rename the Big Issue post as Random Act of Kindness 1; I’ll keep you posted when I see some more.

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