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Vivian Maier: Secret Genius

February 13, 2011

Maybe I’m just being puerile but I feel like blogs that are just long blocks of text end up looking a bit boring – I prefer ones with pop-out pictures and sounds and videos and games and things to do – anyway so I’ve decided to add some photos.

I can’t remember how I stumbled across this collection of photos but there’s a fairly crazy-but-true story behind them about a woman called Vivian Maier, who worked as a nanny in Chicago and just happened to take thousands of street photographs of the things and people she saw around the city. Not that unusual perhaps, but the twist in the tale is that she never showed any of the photographs she took to anyone and many of the photographs had never even been developed. The photos stayed completely hidden until after her death when a random guy happened to buy the entire collection at auction and realised he had stumbled upon an incredible collection of street photographs taken between the 1950s and 1990s. Most of Vivian’s life still appears to still be shrouded in mystery but there is no doubt that she took some amazing photographs.

For more information  and to browse some of her photographs visit here

Otherwise I’ll probably keep sporadically posting some of my favourites as I find them/run of things to say. Here are a few to get started

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